What Type of Bugs Come Out in Spring in Loveland, CO; Ants, Flies, Stinging Insects & More

It can be thrilling to watch the world start to wake up in the spring season. As more and more people are spending time outside and the trees and flowers are starting to show signs of budding, there are others that might be waking up as well, pests. There are several pests that will start to show signs of being active as we start to have more and more days that are warm and mild in temperature. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about some of the pests that homeowners should be aware of as we move into spring.

Are Bugs Worse in the Spring?

There are many pests that, while they are still somewhat active in the winter, their activity is much slower than it is as the weather gets warmer. It is important for homeowners to protect their home and property from pests that could become a problem in the spring. Here are some of the pests you should be watching for:


Ants are always going to be a problem no matter what time of year it is, but they are going to be much more active during warmer weather as apposed to cold weather. They are always going to be attracted to your home as they can find the food and water that they need there. Here are some of the signs you may notice when ants are a problem in your house:
– Small piles of what looks like sawdust near walls and other wooden parts of your house
– The ants themselves marching along in your home
– Trails of dirt or soil in your house
– Small rustling sounds coming from the walls of your house


When it comes to flies, they usually find a warm spot to hide out during the winter. Then, as the weather gets warmer, they will become more active. These insects pose a threat of disease for homeowners. Signs of these insects might include:
– Larvae floating in pools of water on your property
– Maggots or eggs found in food that hasn’t been stored properly
– Insects buzzing around light sources in your house or near outdoor lighting

Stinging Insects

Stinging insects have been anxiously waiting for the May flowers that are sure to follow the moisture that is normal during the spring. All kinds of stinging insects can become a problem as the weather gets warmer. Most bees that you come across are docile and don’t mean you any harm. However, wasps and yellow jackets are a different story. Signs you have a stinging insect problem include:
– Nests and hives in your yard
– Buzzing insects around all outdoor activities
– Stinging insects that get into your home while the doors are open on a warm spring day

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