Should I Destroy a Yellow Jacket Nest in Loveland, CO? Never DIY Wasp Control. Call a Professional Pest Company!

Yellow jacket wasps is one of the most aggressive species found in America and in the state of Colorado. Yellow jacket wasps are not like honey bees that sting once sacrificing themselves to defend their nest. Yellow jacket wasps do not die after stinging an intruder. Rather they are able to safely sting an intruder repeatedly which is why you should avoid yellow jacket wasps. Effective Pest Services will like to share why you should never try DIY wasp removal or control and why you should contact a professional pest service instead.

Yellow Jacket Wasps are Harmful & Dangerous to Humans

Yellow jacket wasps are one of the most aggressive species of wasp in America. They not only can sting an intruder repeatedly but often they attack in force. Where there are many remedies you may find online to kill or remove Yellow Jacket wasps nest all are dangerous. Yellow Jacket wasps will defend their nest often attacking anything within 10 to 30 feet of the nest. Most DIY wasp control requires a person to get up and close tot he nest. Their have been document reports of an intruder made contact with a Yellow Jacket wasp nest being pursued by Yellow Jacket wasps for an entire mile stinging them repeatedly. When you get on the bad side of Yellow Jacket wasps you will know it. Do to their high exaggeration it is strongly recommended to avoid Yellow Jacket wasps and their nest.

How Do Professionals Treat a Yellow Jacket Nest?

A professional pest control service that provide wasp removal and control can help remove the wasps. Often the pest technician will wear a protective bee gear to get close to the wasp’s nests. Often the wasps nest to completely removed and places in an air tight container for either relocation or disposal. Depending on the site of the nest the use of aerosols or pesticides may or may not be used. However once the nest is removed and the queen gone most of the remaining colony will die off.

What Will Keep Yellow Jackets Away?

During spring time is when Yellow Jacket wasps is when a single female will emerge from hibernation the rest of the colony die during winter. The female will look for a site to build the first stage of her nest once the egg hatch and the worker mature she will remain within the nest while the workers continue on. Due to this behavior the best time to prevent Yellow Jacket wasps is during spring. Watch for queen wasps activity and discourage here from building here nest. There are a few ways you can keep a Yellow Jacket wasp queen away from your yard. Yellow Jacket wasps not like the scent of certain plant or oils. You can plant throughout the yard lemon grass, theme, eucalyptus, peppermint or spearmint plants that can help deter the young queen. Prevent over growth of your yard bushes, shrubs and tree. Yellow Jacket wasp love to build their nest in condense vegetation.

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To avoid yellow jacket wasp stings, if you have wasps building their nest near your home or yard contact Effective Pest Services to safely remove the wasps and their nests. For quality pest control services in Northern Colorado, contact Effective Pest Services today.

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