What are the Dangers of German Cockroaches in Fort Collins, CO? Spreading E. Coli & Diseases

During the winter season there are four major pests that will invade your home they are mice, rats, spiders and cockroaches. Many of these pests can bring dangers to a home, including the cockroaches. One of the most common species of cockroach that is found in Colorado is the German cockroach. German cockroaches introduce a wide range of problems in your home. Effective Pest Services would like to share what problems or threats German cockroaches can pose, and how to control them.

Dangers of German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are smaller in size compared to other species of cockroaches. German cockroaches range around ½ inch long and are light brown in color. They have two distinctive lines that start at their head and run down their body, making identifying this species of cockroach fairly easy. German cockroaches pose threats when they invade a home. German cockroaches are well known to house a number of different diseases. German cockroaches are carriers of:
• Salmonellosis
• Typhoid fever
• E. Coli
• Cholera
• Giardia
• Listeriosis
• Dysentery
• Gastroenteritis

How Do German Cockroaches Spread Diseases?

German cockroaches can pass these diseases to humans by walking over food, utensils and dishes, as well as food preparation areas. Along with contaminating your home and spreading diseases, they also can cause indoor allergies and asthma problems. The dead skin or cast-off skin and feces left by cockroaches will contaminate the air and other surfaces in your home. Cockroaches can also be destructive. Cockroaches feed on fabric and paper and leave behind stains. When a German cockroach infestation becomes severe, your home will have a musty odor that the cockroaches produce.

How to Control German Cockroaches?

It is important to control cockroaches as soon as they are discovered. Homeowners should also work to prevent pests all year long. When German cockroaches invade they can infest a home very quickly. A female German cockroach lays egg capsules that contain around 30 eggs inside. A female German cockroach can lay eggs every 6 weeks and will have around four to eight capsules in her lifetime. Eggs will hatch in 28 days and the new life cycle will begin. A single female can have 240 babies in her life, and that’s just a single female. With the fast reproduction of German cockroaches and the danger they pose to a home, it is important to control these pests. Cockroaches are drawn to damp dark places. To help deter a cockroach invasion, you will want to make sure your home has no leaks, both inside and outside of the home. Barriers are another great way to prevent cockroaches. A pest control service can apply pesticides around your home. This will kill any pests that may invade your home, including cockroaches. You will want to cover drains and sinks and make sure your home is sealed. Look for cracks and gaps around your home and fill them in with silicone caulking. Check doors and windows for cracks or gaps that cockroaches might use to enter.

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Exclusion and pest control can help keep your home cockroach free. Many pest control services can help evaluate and aid in pest exclusion. When you have a cockroach infestation, a pest control service can help you reclaim your home and get rid of the cockroaches. For reliable pest control services, contact Effective Pest Services today.

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