Is Rodent Exclusion Worth It in Boulder, CO? How Can I Make My House Rat & Mouse Proof?

Rodents are a year round problem that tends to intensify in the winter. The temperatures drop and food becomes harder to find. Your home looks warm and inviting to many rodents. In the State of Colorado there are many different species of rodent that will try to make your house their home. You have Norway rats, woodrats, deer mice and house mice. Rodents are a major problem that needs to be prevented and controlled when they do invade. Rodents cause major damages to a home and spread a number of viruses, diseases, and parasites. Effective Pest Services would like to break down the purpose of exclusion and when to seek professional rodent control.

What Does Exclusion Mean in Pest Control?

Rodent exclusion, or even just pest exclusion, are the steps one takes to keep pests out of your home. Rodent are one of the most difficult pests to keep out of your home. They are some of the more intelligent pests that will work hard to enter a home. Rodents tend to be more aggressive come the winter due to the cold and lack of food. However, a homeowner should practice exclusion all year long. Rodent exclusion requires a number of steps from securing a home to reducing resources for rodents to survive on, both inside and outside the home.

How Can I Make My House Rodent Proof?

Exclusion begins by sealing off your home. The doors and windows can develop gaps which rodents will try to use to get in. You will want to make sure your doors and windows are sealed shut. There are a number of repair methods to ensure your doors and windows do not allow pests in. Next you will want to look for cracks or gaps in the home’s exterior and interior walls and seal those. A home has a few different types of vents, some are used for drains, the dryer, and HVAC system. As you need to allow the home to ventilate, often vent systems allow rodents into the home. However, you can cover the vents in the home with a wire meshing that keeps rodents out but still allows for plenty of air flow.

What Will Keep Rodents Away?

Once the home has been sealed off from rodents there is much more that needs to be done. Starting with the plumbing system, it is important to control all leaks inside and outside of the home. Rodents need water and will be drawn to dripping water they can easily drink from. You will want to remove any possible water source for rodents. Next, you will want to remove any possible food source. Rodents eat just about anything from bird seeds, to pet food and garbage outside. You will want to seal off garbage cans. Only give your pet the food they eat for each meal and never leave pet food out. You will want to avoid leaving food out inside the home as well. Snack and fruit bowls will only attract pests including rodents. You will want to look around your home and property and determine what can be a potential food source for rodents and if possible, eliminate it.

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There is a lot to exclusion. Often a pest control service will help homeowners begin exclusion. If you begin to see rodents outside or inside your home, you will want to quickly team up with a pest control service to help control the rodents. For reliable pest control services, contact Effective Pest Services today.

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