What are the Dangers of Pharaoh Ants in Loveland, CO? What Keeps Ant Infestations Away?

When you were a kid, did you ever sit and watch ants in a line carrying food to their colony? While ants can be cool to watch as a kid, ants can be quite a nuisance in homes, businesses, and facilities when you become an adult. These small insects are known for their ability to establish large colonies, quickly making them challenging to control. The last thing you want is your home or business to be infested by pharaoh ants. Effective Pest Services is here to help you understand what Pharaoh ants are all about.

What a Pharaoh Ant Looks Like

Pharaoh ants are tiny, yellow or brown bodied ants with darker abdomens. In about 38 days, these ants become adults and will live about 70 days. These ants live in colonies that contain thousands of workers and hundreds of queens. A single colony can have many nests in one place. While you will find them outside. You can also find them in other warm places like homes, restaurants, and other buildings.

What are the Dangers of Pharaoh Ants?

Pharaoh ants, while not known for their aggressive behavior or direct harm to people, can still be considered a nuisance and pose certain risks. They are attracted to food sources, particularly sweet and greasy foods. They can contaminate stored food items, which can lead to foodborne illnesses if it is consumed. They also have the potential for disease transmission. While they are not known carriers of diseases, if they are in a healthcare facility, they can pose a risk due to their ability to move freely between patient rooms and potentially carrying pathogens.

How Do You Get Rid of Pharaoh Ants?

If you have a large infestation in your home, the best thing to do is call a professional to come and get rid of the ants. But there are a few things that you can do to help eliminate an ant infestation. Keep food sources sealed. Keep the counters and your floors clean and food free. When you have crumbs on your counter and the floors, this can attract ants. Make sure you take the trash out often and use sealed bags to prevent ants from being attracted to the garbage. The ants also like moisture, so make sure you fix any leaks that you may have inside and out. They also love standing water, so if you have standing water around your trees and bushes you need to make sure you get rid of it by trimming your bushes away, so the water can dry up.

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While it may be fun to watch the ants as a child, it is not enjoyable when you have an ant infestation in your home or business. Following these few things can help you to eliminate ants from coming into your home and business. If you are having problems with pharaoh ants then give Effective Pest Services a call and we will come and help get rid of those ants before they become a huge problem. Call us today!

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