What is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Brown Recluse Spiders in Windsor, CO

The brown recluse spider is one of the more venomous spiders found in America including here in Colorado. Brown recluse spiders can be hard to control because they don’t make their presence known. Brown recluse spiders don’t spin webs. Most often they hide during the day. Therefore you don’t know you have a major spider infestation. That makes it hard to know what you need to control. There are many pest control methods that help control a wide variety of spiders. However, some species need their own additional control methods such as spiders. Effective Pest Services will share the habits and behaviors of Brown recluse spiders and tell you how you can better control them.

Do Brown Recluse Spiders Live in Groups?

Brown recluse spiders are mostly a solitary hunter species of spider, only mingling with others during mating. The brown recluse spider must hunter for they prey. They often hide and wait to jump on an unsuspecting prey. Brown recluse spiders don’t often spin webs except for the females. They will create a scattered web along the surface of walls and ceilings or along trees which houses their eggs. Brown recluse spiders will attach the egg case to the webs to keep the eggs away from predators. A single female can have up to five egg sacs containing up to fifty eggs.

Where are Brown Recluse Spiders Most Commonly Found?

Brown recluse spiders will inhabit any convenient place. When they invade a home they are most often found in the attic, crawl spaces, closets, and in the garage. They love hiding between clothing and under pillows and blankets. Brown recluse spiders are nocturnal. As stated, they spend the day hiding and hunting by night. Brown recluse spiders are non-aggressive spiders and will run away. Yet, if they feel threatened they will bite.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Because brown recluse spiders have a venomous bite that often requires medical attention they must be controlled. If you have a large presence of brown recluse spiders it is often because you also have additional pest problems. Brown recluse spiders go where they can find food. To control the brown recluse is to control their food source. These spiders hunt other smaller insects and spiders. You will not only want to control spiders but all other insects. You will want to seal your home starting with the doors and windows. Make sure the windows shut tightly and have serviceable screens. Make sure door weather stripping actually seals tight. Look around your home for cracks that pests can use to enter inside the home. Use silicone calking to fill in the cracks and gaps. Finer ventilation screens can cover attic and dryer vents. In areas prone to pests, consider placing sticky traps that help kill and capture all spiders and insects. To help control spiders and other insects have a professional pest control service come and apply insecticides around your home. Both pesticides and insecticides are used to help keep pests out of your home and kill those that wander in.

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Brown recluse spiders are harmful and even deadly to small children and the elderly. It is essential to keep these spiders out of your home. If you have a spider problem or need help controlling other pests around your home, contact Effective Pest Services today.

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