What are the Signs of a Mouse Infestation in Loveland, CO? Rodent Droppings, Odors & More

‘Tis the season, to be watching for mice in your home, that is. This is the time of year that mice are going to be looking for any way into your home. They are looking for food, water and warmth; all of which your home can offer them. It is important that you are looking for mice and making sure there are no openings in your home to keep mice out of the house effectively. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about some of the ways that you can identify a mouse problem in your house this winter.

How Do You Check if there is a Mouse in Your House?

Watching diligently for mice in your home during the winter months can help you avoid an infestation and damage to your home. Here are some of the signs you should be looking for that point to a mouse problem.
– Rodent Droppings: One of the biggest signs that you might find in your home that point to mice is the presence of droppings. Mice leave behind droppings nearly every place that they go. If you find that there are droppings in your garage, basement, attic or in the corners of your home, you ,now that you have a mouse problem on your hands. Their droppings usually look like small brown pellets that are usually less than ¼ inch long and pointed at both ends. If you have a rat, you will see larger droppings around ½ inch long.
– Mouse Odors: Not only will mice leave behind droppings, but their urine will leave foul smelling odors in your home as well. This is especially true in areas where they are nesting in your home. The larger the mouse infestation in your home, the stronger the smell is going to be.
– Rodent Gnaw Marks: Mice are rodents and rodents chew by nature. They will chew on many different surfaces. You may notice that there are gnaw marks on some of the electrical wiring in your house, cardboard boxes in storage rooms, some of your furniture and even your clothing. Anytime you notice that there are gnaw marks in your home, you need to be concerned about mice.
– Smudges on Walls: Mice have greasy hair by nature. They also usually travel the same paths in your home as they look for food and water. When you have a mouse infestation on your hands, you may notice that there re grease marks on the walls where they have been running around your house.

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If you notice that there are signs in your home that point to mice, you need to call on the professionals at Effective Pest Services to come take a look. We offer mouse inspections that will uncover any mice that you have living in your home. If you have found one, there are surely more where that came from. Call us today!

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