How to Keep Mice Away from Your Fort Collins, CO House; Sealing Mouse Entry Points, Cleaning & More

Mice may look cute, but most people don’t want them anywhere near their home. These rodents can cause a long list of sickness and disease as well as cause damage to your home if they are able to build their messy nests within your walls. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about ways to help you keep mice out of your home this winter, and your family safe from these disease ridden rodents.

Sealing Mouse Entry Points

The first and foremost thing you can do to keep mice out of your home is to close any entry points that they can fit through. You should be aware that mice can fit through holes as small as a dime to gain access into your home. If there are any holes around your foundation or your siding, they should be closed and sealed as soon as possible to avoid mouse infestation. These animals like to build their nests in your walls as well as the attic space. If one of them happens to die inside your walls, it can be a disaster. Not to mention the chewing that takes place on your home’s electrical wiring.

Keep Trash Can Covered to Keep Mice Out

Your trash is a treasure trove for any nearby mice. They will take full advantage of any rotten food left in your trash. You should always have a tight fitting lid on all of your trash cans to keep mice as well as other wildlife out of it.

Store Pet Food Properly

One of the most common attractants for mice often lies in your garage. Your pet’s food is a great food source for any mice. Homeowners often don’t realize that the food they are feeding their pet is also feeding an entire mouse infestation as well. Keeping your pet’s food in air tight containers off the ground will go a long way in keeping mice and rats out of it and out of your house.

How Do I Keep Mice Out of My Compost?

Compost piles are also highly attractive to mice. The rotten food you put in your compost bin could be attracting mice to your home if you are keeping your compost bin too close to your house. You should keep it as far away as possible.

Clean Up Garage to Avoid a Mice Infestation

Not only is your food attractive to mice, but many things found in your garage are as well. If you have lawn seed, any flower bulbs or even bone meal in your garage, you should keep it in containers that mice and rats are unable to chew through. Also, things like firewood and stacked boxes are excellent places for mice and rats to build their nests. Keeping your garage as neat and tidy will help you keep the mouse and rat population to a minimum.

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If you find that you are having an issue with mice or rats in your home or garage, the pest experts at Effective Pest Services can help you get rid of them for good. We have the resources to end your battle with rodents. Call us today!

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