What Attracts Ants to Homes in Wellington, CO? Food, Trash, Leaking Pipes, Damaged Wood & More

Pests are never something that we want to find in our homes. Most homeowners will go to great lengths to keep them out. However, there are some things that homeowners do without realizing it, that are attracting pests like ants into their house. If you know what are attracting ants, you have a better chance at keeping them out of your home. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about some of the things that many homeowners do to attract ants to their homes.

What Will Keep Ants Away from Your House?

Most of the time, homeowners are attracting ants to their homes because they don’t realize what is attracting them in the first place. Some of the main things you should avoid doing are:
– Don’t Leave Out Food: Ants eat a lot of the same foods we do as humans. If you have any sugary or greasy foods, they will most definitely attract ants. Even the smallest crumbs can be attractive to ants. It’s important that you are cleaning up any food after you are done eating so that ants don’t have the chance to find it.
– Wipe Up Greasy Surfaces: After you have put your food away, make sure there isn’t any greasy residue left behind on your counter or stovetop. Even the grease on the surface of your kitchen can be attracting ants. Make sure you wipe off jam jars, syrup containers, honey bottles and any other surface that could have traces of sugar and grease on them.
– Take Out Trash & Clean Garbage Cans: Many people don’t think about their garbage bins and whether or not they are clean. If it’s been a while since you last cleaned your garbage bins out, it could be the culprit in attracting ants to your home. Not only should you be cleaning out your bins, but you should also avoid putting sticky, sugary things in the garbage. If you do, remove the trash from your home often to avoid attracting ants.
– Fix Leaking Pipes: Pests are often attracted to water of any kind in your home, ants included. If you have leaking pipes anywhere, they are surely going to be attracted to the water in your home.
– Repair Damaged Wood: If you have any wood that has been damaged because of water, it can become the perfect place for pests like carpenter ants to build their nests. Damaged wood is easier for them to hollow out and build up their colony inside. Carpenter ants can cause significant damage to your home if they are left to their devices. Removing any damaged wood from your property can help you avoid them.

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