Common Places Wasps Nest Near Houses in Longmont, CO; How to Get Rid of Wasp Nests in Eaves & More

Not only are wasps obnoxious, but they are dangerous as well. They can become incredibly aggressive if they feel threatened in any way. When a wasp feels they are threatened, they release pheromones that alert other wasps so they can swarm to help offer protection. Unlike bees that die after stinging someone, a wasp can sting multiple times and never die. This is why it is important to be aware of common areas on your property that wasps usually build their nests. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about common hotspots so you can be on high alert this wasp season.

Wasp Nests in Eaves & Roof Overhangs

Many homeowners will often notice that wasps have built their nests under the eaves or overhangs of their home. This is one of the most common areas that we see wasp activity. They often choose these areas because they are not only out of reach, but because the corners offer a significant amount of protection for the nest. Because these nests are so high, it can be difficult to remove these nests on your own.

Wasps Build Nests in Trees

Different types of wasps build their nests in different places. Usually, wasp nests that are found in trees look like large, gray footballs. These paper-like nests are protected by the branches that are surrounding them in the trees and shrubs. As summer goes on, the trees and shrubs start to fill out more and the nests are almost completely covered and hidden from anyone that would want to destroy it. Before climbing in trees, it is wise to make sure there isn’t a wasp nest hiding in there.

Underground Wasp Nest

What many people don’t realize is that wasps aren’t always going to hiding in the trees and above your head. There are some wasps like yellow jackets that build their nests in the ground. While they can sting you if you are walking around barefoot and happen upon the nest, these wasps actually help to eat bugs that destroy lawns and other plants like caterpillars, beetle larvae, flies and other pests.

Wasp Nest in BBQ Grill?

When you open your grill for your first summer BBQ, only to find that there are wasps hiding in there, it can give you quite the fright. BBQ grills are a common place for wasps to build their nests if you don’t use yours on a regular basis. Your grill is the perfect hiding place for wasps and gives them protection that they are often searching for.

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If you are struggling with wasps on your property, you can count on the pest control specialists at Effective Pest Services to help you get them under control. We have the experience and expertise needed to handle wasp control safely, so you don’t have to worry about getting stung at your next outdoor BBQ. Wasps are a pest that you should never attempt to remove on your own. Call us today!

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