What is the Best Safeguard Against Insects, Spiders & Rodents in Boulder, CO? How to Protect Your House from Pests!

Not only are pests a major nuisance they can negatively impact your home in three major ways including
1) Property Damage & Destruction.
2) Health Risks.
3) Fear Factor.
Pests can deliver destructive intentions on your home; the exterior, interior and all the inner workings such as your electrical and plumbing service pipes and wires, along with your personal possessions and food supply. Their insidious ways of gnawing, chewing, consuming, scratching and constructing nests can easily cost you thousands of dollars. Then there is the health risk they pose. Pests can be capable of delivering painful bites, injecting venom, spreading disease, germs, and bacteria, and trigger allergy symptoms. And finally, less face the facts, even harmless critters and insects can cause grown men to squeal like school girls and perform high agility stunts.

How to Keep Pests Away from Your Home

Let’s begin with your home’s exterior.
1. Walk the circle of your home, and inspect top to bottom, including the roof. If you are not fond of heights, binoculars work well to check on the rooftop. Look for cracks, holes, gaps and related damage. Pay special attention to service vents and exterior piping. If any problems are present, make your repairs and seal off the holes.
2. Place screens on windows and doors, especially if you enjoying letting in fresh air on beautiful days.
3. Keep outside trash bins as far from the house as you can, clean them out periodically and keep lids securely fastened.
4. Remove the debris. Wood piles, bricks and blocks and other similar materials should be neatly stacked, as far from your home as you can.
5. Keep your landscape well manicured. Trees need to be pruned, bushes hedged, and grass trimmed away from the house. Many pests natural habitats are the vegetation, keeping their home away from yours will better hinder the wonder lust. Keep the waste contained.
6. Repair any water leaks from hoses or appliances.

How to Prevent Pest Infestations in Your Home

The interior home needs some tender love and care as well.
1. Like the exterior, search the interior of your home for any cracks, holes, and gaps and get them sealed appropriately. Weather stripping on doors and windows might need installing or replacing, if you can feel a breeze or see the natural light coming through, weather stripping maintenance.
2. Repair any leaky pipes, faucets, fixtures and appliances to eliminate a convenient water source.
3. Keep trash can lids secure, and be sure to clean them out periodically.
4. Remove clutter. Many pests thrive in undisturbed cellulose materials like books, magazines and mail. Remove clothing and linen piles as well.
5. Clean out the pantry and cabinets. Remove loose and spilled food. Store all of your food in sealable containers, as pests can easily break their way through flimsy plastic, paper and cardboard.
6. Hire a professional for pest control.

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Following the above tips can greatly reduce the pests that come into your home and with regular maintenance by Effective Pest Services placing an invisible barrier, pests will not be so easily inclined to come into your castle. Call the experienced professionals at Effective Pest Services to schedule your appointment!

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