What is the Best Way to Prevent a Cockroach, Rodent or Other Pest Infestation in Your Fort Collins, CO Kitchen?

The kitchen is the place where we prepare, store and eat our food. For this reason the last thing we want inside our kitchen is pests. The top pest invaders found in kitchens are cockroaches, rodents, pantry pests and flies. With spring underway you can expect an outburst in pest population. It is every homeowner’s desire to keep our food and cookware clean and free from pests. Effective Pest Services will share a little bit about these common kitchen pest invaders and how you can protect your kitchen from them.

Why am I Finding Roaches in My Kitchen?

There are many species of cockroach that are found in kitchens. Most of them will find there way into your home by hitchhiking on boxes and bags. They also crawl through gaps and cracks from windows and doorways. Cockroaches are known to carry 33 different harmful bacteria, six different parasitic worms, and over seven different pathogens making these an unwanted pest, especially in your kitchens.

You Can Get Sick from a Mouse in My Kitchen?

Mice and rats are a common pest that can roam our home and kitchens. However mice are the most common rodent found indoors and in kitchens. Mice are particularly difficult to keep out. They can squeeze through the tightest of spaces. Rodents are known to carry fleas, ticks and many diseases that are harmful. Additionally, rodents, and mice especially, reproduce very quickly. With a warm nesting ground and easily accessed food and home, they can overrun us very quickly.

What are These Little Bugs in My Pantry?

Pests are often discovered crawling around in the food stored in your pantry. Pests such as beetles, meal worms, and ants enter your home and your pantry in packaged foods such as flour, grain, cereals, spices and candies.

Why have I Got Little Flies in My Kitchen?

With the spring warming up you can expect to see flies buzzing around outside your home, waiting for their opportunity to fly inside and into your kitchen. Flies often will land on and eat rotting food, feces, and all matter of nasty crud. They then enter your home and begin crawling all over your counters and your food. Often flies carry diseases. This makes them not only gross, but harmful to have in your home and around your food and cookware.

How Do You Prevent Pests in the Kitchen?

Recommendations from the NPMA have provided some of the best ways to keep your kitchen and home free from pests. First of all, since our food products are the primary reason why pests will invade our kitchen, it is important to wipe away any crumbs or discarded food quickly. Make sure they are properly disposed of as well. Avoid allowing dishes to pile up in the sink. The food residue and decaying food draw pests, especially flies and ants. Store food in air tight containers and even those stored inside your pantry. Food that is prone to contain beetles and meal worms, such as flours and cereals, should be frozen. Exposure to freezing temperatures will kill pantry pest eggs. Additionally, you shouldn’t buy food that has expired or is in questionable packaging. It also benefits your kitchen to run the garbage disposal to remove all of the food that may be lingering inside. Many pests will find pet food just as appealing. It best to keep their food and water outside, or feed your pet on a schedule. Don’t leave food out for pests to feed on. Repair all doorways and window screens. Make sure pests can’t come in through those entry points. Search for any cracks that could let pests in and seal them up.

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