Why are Insects So Active in the Spring in Boulder, CO? How Do You Get Rid of Warm Weather Bugs?

There are lots of things that have an impact on the presence of pests. The reality is that if you have pests in your house you want to do what you can to get them out. There are some pests that can cause damage to your home such as carpenter ants. The other aspect of pests is that even more of them cause trouble with allergies and health concerns. There are stinging pests that start to swarm and when that happens you can get stung. If you have an allergy to the sting you can end up with a painful sting all the way to trouble breathing. Other pests carry nasty bacteria and disease with them. Once they are in your house and traipsing around your food and counters, these illnesses can be transferred to you and your loved ones. Another thing you want to consider is that pests come and go based on the weather outside as well. There seems to always be an influx in pests when the weather finally starts to warm up. Effective Pest Services outlines why there is a pest influx when the spring weather sets in.

Bugs are More Active in Warm Weather

The biggest factor that effects the amount of pests you will see in the spring is the rise in temperature. The winter brought with it cold weather that either sent pests looking for a warm space in your house, hibernating or overwintering. Some even die off after they left their eggs behind to be born later. When the temperature gets warm enough the eggs that are left behind will be able to emerge. Other pests will start to come out and this will cause them to go into reproductive mode as well. That is why you will see pests becoming a larger presence and infestation. The warm weather seems to bring out pests that you were not used to seeing in the winter and even in the fall.

Plants Attract Pests

Some pests will start to diminish when the fall and the winter come not so much from the temperature outside but from the needs that they have. The cold weather has a ripple effect and will cause vegetation, flowers and trees to stop growing and they will die off or they will go into a hibernation. This means that the foods that these offer will no longer be available and that will cause the pests that need them to stop coming around as well. The spring brings all these flowers and plants back. This means that the pests that feed on them such as bees, wasps and ants will show back up as well.

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You want to make sure that you are ready to deal with influx of pests when the weather starts to warm up. That way you can protect your family and your home from an infestation and trouble or injury. You can use professional pest control services to ensure that your home us treated properly. Effective Pest Services has the ability to treat your home and keep out any spring time invaders. Call us today!

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