What is the Best Way to Prevent Pests in Your Business in Johnstown, CO? Commercial Pest Control

In a business, you do not want customers coming into your business and finding bugs. You also do not want customers to have a problem with bugs before they even walk into your store or restaurant. Effective Pest Services outlines a few ways that you can help eliminate pests and bugs from being around your business below.

Protect Dumpster from Pests

If you do not want bugs and pests around your business the dumpster is a good place to start.
– you should make sure that you have the dumpster at least 50 feet if not 100 feet away from the nearest door.
– The dumpsters should be on concrete so that pests and rodents don’t borrow underneath the dumpster.
-Make sure the dumpsters are serviced regularly, this can help if you already have pests in your dumpster.
-Don’t place your dumpster by any shrubs or vegetation. This will attract animals to the dumpster.

Get Rid of Standing Water

It is important to check out any water that may be around your building. It could be water from anywhere such as lakes, reservoirs, or swamps, to fountains, bird baths, garden ponds, and even puddles that build up from a storm on the ground or in a flower pot. It is important to pay attention to these bodies of water, because they may attract aphids other pests and bring them close to your business.

Trim Landscape to Keep Pests Out of Commercial Yard

Having a business that has a nice landscape can attract more customers. If it is beautiful around the building, then people will want to see it inside the building, but vegetation brings bugs. If the vegetation becomes overgrown, then the bugs can become worse. To help eliminate the bugs and keep the outside of your business looking nice you want to take care of the landscape. Clean up the landscape by cutting the grass and trimming back the bushes.

Eliminate Pests on Restaurant Patio

Many restaurants have patios where people can go and eat outside. If not taken care of these patios can end up getting pest where you want to have guests eat. To help eliminate the pest from the patio try to do a few things
– Clear and wash tables immediately after the guests leave
– Make sure you clean any crumbs or debris immediately. This includes sweeping and mopping.
– Add fans to the patio. This can help keep away flies and other insects.
– Don’t store your garbage near the patio area
– With the lights outside, you do not want them to attract bugs so position the light somewhere, so it is not directly over the tables.
– If you want vegetation on your patio you may want to consider some plants that deter pests such as rosemary, lavender, and lemon grass.

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Keeping the outside of your business clean can help eliminate the pests and help guests who want to come inside your business. If you need help getting rid of bugs, then give Effective Pest Services a call today and we can come to help get your business pest free.

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