Why are Wasps More Aggressive at the End of Summer in Greeley, CO? Large Population & More

There are few people that enjoy finding wasps buzzing around their outdoor get togethers. These pests are not only obnoxious, but they can also become extremely aggressive if they feel threatened in any way. In fact, you might have noticed that they have become more aggressive as the summer has gone on. There is actually an explanation for why this is happening. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about what makes wasps so much more aggressive toward the end of summer rather than the beginning.

Why are Wasps More Aggressive in Late Summer?

When it comes to wasps and their late summer aggression, there are a few different reasons why it happens. Here is a brief overview of why they are more aggressive and why you should steer clear of wasps this summer.
– Wasp Population: At the beginning of the summer, the queen is doing a lot of work to get her colony built up. The population will continue to increase as the summer season carries on. Toward the end of summer and early fall, their colony will be large and so naturally, there will be more wasps buzzing around you. This can make them feel much more aggressive.
– Diet of Wasps: The food habits of wasps changes pretty distinctly as the summer wanes on. They will make a shift from a high protein diet to one of sugar and carbs as they gear up for summer. This means that they will be buzzing around many of your foods toward the end of summer. Even more than they already do.
– Queens Prepare for Winter: The queen will be getting ready to find somewhere to sit out the harsh winter weather. She will more than likely take cover in shelters and structures that are also inhabited by humans. This can leave you with several run ins with the queen of the colony which can end with aggressive behavior.

What Keeps Wasps Away from You?

It is always best to avoid wasps in the first place during the end of summer, or any time of the year as a matter of fact. Here are some tips to help you avoid any contact with these aggressive pests:
– Clean up any spills involved sugary drinks, treats and foods in general.
– Use a strong fan during outdoor gatherings to help keep wasps at bay.
– Put a tight fitting lit on top of any of your trash cans.
– Make sure there are no holes in any of your screens if you keep windows and doors open.
– Call your local pest professionals to come remove any wasps from your property.

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If you have noticed that there is a large wasp population on your property, you can turn to the pros at Effective Pest Services to help you get the problem under control. We will remove any wasps safely so that you aren’t at risk of a painful sting. Call us today!

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