What is the Difference Between Rural Field Mice & Domestic House Mice in Johnstown, CO?

If you are dealing with a mouse issue in your home this winter, you are not alone. Many homeowners find that mice have infiltrated their house in an attempt to stay warm. What many homeowners don’t realize is that not all mice are the same. While you might think we are talking about different species, we are actually talking about urban mice when compared to rural mice. There are several differences between these two that are worth noting. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about rural mice and urban mice and what the difference between these two actually are.

Comparing Urban Mice & Rural Mice

Believe it or not, there are differences between mice that are found in the city or urban areas when compared those that are found in the country, or rural areas. Following are some of the distinct differences:
– Mice Species: When you are talking about mice, most of them would actually prefer to live out in the countryside. This is their natural habitat. However, with development and subdivisions being built, these mice often get displaced. In the rural areas, you might see more harvest mice, deer mice, or even field mice. In urban areas, you will find house mice which will often terrorize humans as they seek for shelter and food.
– Mice Diet: The things these mice eat are going to be different as well. Those that are used to living in the country will seek for seeds, nuts and berries as their main sources of food. The mice found in the city will gladly eat the scraps that they can find inside the homes of people. They will eat pretty much anything that you have in your pantry.
– Behavior of Mice: Rural mice are usually fearful of humans. They will do their best to stay away and see humans as predators. Urban mice are far more aggressive. They are adapting to humans and don’t fear humans as much as we would like. Urban mice aren’t as hardy as rural mice are either. They can’t survive out in cold temperatures like rural mice can. They will do pretty much anything they can to get inside your home as this provides them the shelter they need.
– Mouse Nesting Site: The nests will look different for these two types of mice as well. Rural mice are used to living out in the cold. They will dig their burrows deep in the ground to provide them with the warmth that they need. Urban mice do not live in burrows. They build nests inside structures from soft materials that can usually be found throughout your house.

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