Why are there Mice in My Crawl Space & How Do I Keep Rodents Out of My Vents in Fort Collins, CO?

A common struggle during the winter months in Colorado is a mouse infestation. These pesky pests are always looking for somewhere that they can wait out the winter. Unfortunately, they are often turning to our homes rather than a nearby tree for refuge. One place that they are constantly drawn to is a crawl space. These areas seem to be a favorite among mice and a problem for homeowners. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about why mice are often so attracted to crawl spaces, and what problems homeowners run into when they make their crawl space a home.

Is it Normal to have Mice in Your Crawl Space?

If you had a crawl space, you might notice that there are several pests that are often attracted to it. This is why most homeowners are hesitant to crawl into the crawl space. However, pests in the crawl space can be a big issue for your house. One of the most troublesome pests that infest a crawl space is mice. There are several reasons why mice are so attracted to this part of your house.
– Warmth: During the winter, it is no secret that mice are looking for a warm place to hide out. Your crawl space offers them the perfect place to get out of the elements and still continue to thrive in the winter. Even though it isn’t warm enough for you to feel comfortable, it is perfect for mice.
– Moisture: Water is another thing that mice need to thrive. The crawl space is often moist, and they can find the moisture that they need to survive.
– Food: When they are in the crawl space, it often gives them access to the food in your house or garage. They will find a way to get into your house and find the crumbs that you’re leaving behind. They can also get into food that isn’t being stored properly. It is easy for them to gnaw through cardboard and get into food in your pantry. If you have your trash cans in your garage, they will happily eat the scraps there as well.
– Nesting: The crawl space is a great place for mice to build the nests for their young. They often look for a place where it isn’t going to disturbed. The crawl space offers that exactly. Building a nest in your crawl space is the ideal place for them to care for their young.

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If you have mice in your crawl space, that means that they have gotten into your house. They can cause some serious damage to your house if they are left to their devices. If you are concerned that you have mice in your house, you can turn to Effective Pest Services to get rid of them for good. We have the experience and the expertise needed to eradicate mice from your house and keep them from damaging your home. Call us today!

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