What Kind of Bugs Come Out in the Winter & How Do You Stop Cold Weather Pests in Johnstown, CO?

For many of us, the last thing on our minds during the winter months is pests and controlling them. During the warmer months, pests are at the forefront of our minds because they are so prevalent. The pests that we see during the winter seem to sneak up on us much easier. There are several different pests that you need to protect your home from this winter season. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about them and what you can do to keep them out of your home.

What Kind of Bugs & Pests Come Out in the Winter?

There are some pests that are going to continue to be a problem during the winter season. Some of them are primarily a problem during the winter rather than the summer months. Here are the most common ones.
– Rodents: When the temperature outside takes a turn, you are going to see mice and rats start to search for shelter. Unfortunately, your home offers the three things they need to survive food, warmth and water. They can cause significant problems for your home as they chew on many different materials and leave behind their feces and urine wherever they nest.
– Dormant Insects: There are several different pests that will seek out your home to lay low during the winter months. They will usually choose the attic or basements as their refuge. These pests include flies, spiders, boxelder bugs and more. When the weather starts to warm up, they will infiltrate your home.
– Cockroaches: Cockroaches are a pest that will thrive no matter what the temperature is outside. If they can find a way into your home, they are going to continue living their best life.

How to Prevent Pests in the Winter

The best thing you can do to prevent pests in your home this winter to prepare your home for the cold. Here are some tips to keep them out.
– If you see any cracks or loose mortar around your home, you need to repair it right away.
– Store all of your firewood at least 20 ft away from your home to avoid pests living in it.
– Clean up your basement and garage spaces as rodents like to live in cluttered areas.
– Fix any leaking pipes that could have water accumulation to avoid attracting pests. A leaking pipe is especially attractive to pests like cockroaches.
– Repair any cracks or leaks found around your doors or windows. This will not only keep pests out, but you will also be warmer this winter by doing this.
– Put screens on any openings in the attic and on your chimney.

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If you are struggling with pests this winter season, you can call on the pest specialists at Effective Pest Services to help you get rid of any pest invaders this winter. We will make sure there isn’t any way pests can get into your home. Call us today!

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