How Do I Keep Bugs & Rodents Out of My Firewood Pile in Severance, CO? Dry Wood, Keep Off Ground & More

This is the best time of year to have a fire going in your wood burning stove or fireplace. Nothing is quite as cozy as a rip-roaring fire in the evening. However, nothing will ruin that nice fire like firewood pests getting into your home. There are several pests that can be found in your stack of firewood. It is important that you are taking several steps to ensure you don’t have these pests getting into your home as you enjoy building a fire this winter. Effective Pest Services is here to share our best tips to help you avoid firewood pests.

What Insects & Pests Live in Wood Piles?

Your stack of firewood is usually a cozy place for several different types of pests to set up shop for the winter. The fact that the wood is usually covered to keep it from getting wet and stacked neatly to create little safe havens for pests, makes in the ideal place for them to build a nest. Here are some of the pests you might find in firewood.
– Beetles
– Spiders
– Rodents
– Cockroaches
– Carpenter Ants

Where Should You Store Firewood to Avoid Pests?

Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to store your firewood in a way that pests don’t find it as appealing. By following some of our tips, hopefully, you will be able to avoid firewood pests this winter.
– Dry the Wood: Sometimes, the wood that you purchase may not be completely dry. It is important that you let the wood dry out completely before you stack it away for long term storage. Many pests like carpenter ants will enjoy some damp wood to build a nest in.
– Keep It Off the Ground: You can use several different materials to keep your firewood off the ground including pallets, cinder blocks, bricks or other materials.
– Stack Away from the House: It can be tempting to make your firewood stack right next to the entrance into your home. However, you should avoid this. If there are pests in your firewood, they will have much easier access to your home if the stack is right by the door. Stack your firewood at least 20 feet away to be safe.
– Keep Firewood Outside: You may think a small stack inside the home next to your wood burning stove is a good idea as well. Make sure you keep all firewood outside to keep pests outside as well.
– Cover Your Firewood: Keep Your firewood covered to keep it dry throughout the winter months.

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