Why am I Seeing More Roaches in My House this Fall in Boulder, CO? How to Prevent Cockroach Pest Invaders!

The school year has begun and the kids are all back in school. That also means that the summer months are coming to an end and the fall season is coming. The fall season is a wonderful time of year with cooler temperatures and with that comes some new pests. The pests that come in and invade homes your home will change with the season since many of the pests go in and out of hibernation and what kind of weather they strive in. Although they change with the type of weather you are experiencing there are some pests that will straddle the season and cause trouble for more than one. One of these pests that cause problems in the summer as well as in the fall is the cockroach. There are several species of cockroaches and they each have specific characteristics that set them apart and make them identifiable. Although they are each unique there are many things that are common and similar between them all. They are all on the hunt for food to stay alive so a home is a great place to get a free, easy meal. Effective Pest Services lists ways to keep cockroaches out of your home this upcoming fall season.

Clean Kitchen to Prevent Roaches

If you want the best way to keep all sorts of pests away from your home you need to do what you can to not feed them. You may not be setting a meal out for them specifically but most people are unintentionally. When you make food or eat a meal you could be dropping small bits and crumbs that could make a great meal for them. You want to be sure that you clean dishes and counters after you make and prepare food. This is the best way to avoid pests from getting in and deciding that they want to stay.

Seal Your House for Roaches

It may seem like an uphill battle or an impossible task but you can look around your home for ways that pests such as cockroaches get inside. They are fairly small and they can climb up the side of the house so you have to look top to bottom. The main areas of concern are around the doors and the windows that need to have the weather stripping fixed and repaired. You can also look around the foundation of the home to seal up any cracks with some kind of epoxy or caulking.

Use Professional Pest Control

Although doing things such as taking away food and sealing up access points is a great start, the best way to ensure that every area of the home is treated is to call a professional pest control company. We can come out on a regular basis and treat the home and the exterior with the best treatment available for your type of issues. We have the trained technicians and knowledge to rid your home of pests as well as prevent pests from becoming an infestation.

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