Why Am I Seeing So Many Spiders All of a Sudden this Summer in Campion, CO? Is a Spider Affected By Heat?

If you ask around and see what pest most people are afraid of, the majority of people are going to say spiders. They are an arachnid that has eight legs and is a scary sight for most people. There are species that are very dangerous and when they bite their venom can require the help of a health care professional. Even though they can be dangerous they feed on other pests that are found in and around your home such as flies, cockroaches and beetles. This does not make them any more wanted and welcome in homes across the great state of Colorado. Effective Pest Services lists some of the most common spiders, how to identify them and whether you should be concerned if you spot them in your home this hot summer.

Black Widow Spider

This is one of the most common spiders that people in Colorado and all over the United States come across. They are one of the easiest to identify by their shiny black body, long skinny legs and their hourglass mark in red on their abdomen. They are a spider that are known to have venom when they bite. They will attack only when they feel threatened otherwise they will hide when someone approaches. Unfortunately, a mild winter coupled with a hot and humid summer often breeds a new population boom in black widow spiders.

Jumping Spiders

This is another one that can give some people a scare. They are usually found hanging to the side of a building or home and lay in wait for prey to pass by. They get their name because when they what to get somewhere fast they jump quickly and grab on. They don’t usually use a web but will use a long single piece to get up or down. They do have some venom but the bite has about the same potency as a bee sting. They are small and usually are some form of brown or grey and have a furry body and short legs.

Wolf Spider

This is one of the spiders that if you come across can give you a start. They are one of the larger spiders and are also have a fuzzy texture and thick legs unlike many other spiders. They are browns and greys and many times they are confused with tarantulas but are a different species all together. They do have some level of venom but there is no significance to their bite. Most people will have little to no real reaction to them.

Why Am I Seeing So Many Spiders All of a Sudden this Summer?

For much of the summer in Northern Colorado, outdoor conditions are ideal for spiders. The temperature is desirable, there’s plenty of shelter, water and food supplies available. However, when these requirements become off-balance, spiders will search of a place that provides the right conditions and unfortunately your home is often that destination! If the weather becomes too hot and water sources dry up or spiders have a hard time finding food outside, they may end up in your house. In fact, a spider infestation is often the sign of another pest problem as spiders eat insects.

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