Why are there so Many Western Yellowjackets & European Paper Wasps Right Now in Arrowhead, CO?

Nothing will ruin your outdoor space like a wasp infestation. Wasps are a stinging insect that you don’t want to mess with. They are extremely aggressive and will actually chase down their victims if they feel threatened in any way. If you live in the Northern CO area, you may have noticed that we are seeing more wasps that we normally do. This can leave residents wondering how this happens. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about why we are seeing a surge in wasp populations this summer season.

How Does Hot Weather Affect Wasps?

Like many things in our environment, weather is to blame for the surge in wasps this year. The lack of precipitation and the warm weather has created the perfect storm for wasps to reproduce and take over. The weather, or lack thereof, has allowed wasps to build larger nests and colonies to set out and ruin your next outdoor gathering. Without weather to get in their path, life has been considerably easier for these stinging pests.

Wasps are Not the Same as Bees

The wasps that we deal with the most in Northern CO is the western yellowjacket and European paper wasp. Both of these wasps are hairless and have smooth bodies, and both of them are black and yellow. Western yellowjackets are about the same size as a honeybee and a paper wasp is blunter and more compact. One thing that you should always remember is that wasps are a different animal than bees are. These two are often lumped together in the same category when they are very different in the way they behave. Bees are quite docile while wasps are extremely aggressive. Bees only sting once and then lose their lives for it, while wasps can sting someone over and over again. Most people don’t experience a sting by a bee. Most stings that people experience come from a wasp.

How Do You Find Where a Wasp Nest Is?

Wasps usually build their nests in areas that are difficult to get to. The western yellowjacket often chooses the ground as the best place to build their nests. If they choose another location, it is usually in places like eaves, high up in trees or other difficult areas. You need to remember that when you are trying to remove wasp nests, the bigger the nest, the more aggressive the colony will be to protect it. To avoid wasp nests on your property, you can fill in nooks and crannies that they would build a nest in with foam.

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If you have wasp nests on your property, don’t attempt to remove them on your own. These aggressive pests will have no problem attacking when they feel you are threatening them in any way. The pros at Effective Pest Services have the experience and expertise needed to safely remove these nests so you don’t have to worry about painful stings. Call us today!

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