Why are Mice Attracted to My Evans, CO House & Yard? How Can I Get Rid of a Mouse Infestation?

Mice are unwelcomed guests that bring chaos, destruction, and potential health risks to the structure and the occupants. House mice and Deer mice are the common mice found locally. When it comes to mice, they are capable of squeezing through the tiniest and once they make their way inside, they can be challenging to get rid of. Prevention is the best strategy, however. Today, we at Effective Pest Services would like to discuss the attractions mice have to your property and why mice will stay once they get inside.

What Kind of Environment Attracts Mice

1) Grounds are Overgrown. Tall grass and weeds provide excellent hiding places and mice as well as other pests love having places to hide. To give mice fewer places to hide, make sure your yard is well trimmed.
2) Excessive Clutter. Like overgrown vegetation, clutter gives mice places to hide. Declutter the yard. Since clutter can often collect rainwater and/ or sprinkler water, you also remove the water source by decluttering your property.
3) Extra Construction Materials and Firewood Piles. Mice will look to find a warmer place to live and will create nests in, especially when the weather begins to cool. These materials will provide harborage.
4) Ornamental Trees and Bushes Growing Too Close to the Home. As they forage, mice and other pests can use these as bridges to climb to your walls or roof area. To keep mice from getting too close, make sure to keep your trees, shrubs, and bushes trimmed back away from contact of your home.
5) Food Source. Leftover barbecue items, bowls of pet food, seeds from bird feeders, vegetables or fruit left in gardens or on the ground, and any other outside food sources will definitely attract mice. Remove them as best you can to keep them from exploring too close.
6) Ensure Trash Bin Lids Secure. Mice will be drawn in for a nice meal if you have open trash cans and are not particular. Use bungee cords to secure the lids or replace the new bins with secured lids.

How Can I Get Mice to Leave My House?

As mentioned, the tiniest cracks or holes will let mice and other pests through into your house. Make sure your home is sealed tight as you assess the foundation, walls, and roof areas for gaps or cracks. Also, check areas around pipes and wires and other items that enter the home.
– Accessible food will keep mice around. Crumbs left about the counters and floors is plenty, but they will also get into the pantry and cabinets and feast on any food they can get to. Make sure to keep up on housework and keep food in secure containers.
– Water sources. Make sure all water leaks are immediately repaired. Avoid leaving exposed water out for too long if possible.

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