Why are Rodents Dangerous? What Can I Do to Keep Mice & Rats Away in Milliken, CO?

One of the worst pests to find lurking around or in your home are rodents like mice or rats. They are known for their destructive behavior and the fact that they carry disease and bacteria that can be harmful to your health. If you have ever tried to get rid of any type of rodent you know that it is hard work that is best left to a professional pest control company. Effective Pest Services outlines why rodents are so dangerous and how you can prevent them from getting into your house.

Why are Rodents So Dangerous?

There are several reasons that rodents can be dangerous. One of them is the destruction that they can cause when they make it into your home. They will chew through electrical cords and insulation that can cause damage to your home and could cost you money in repairs. The exposed cords can also be a danger because of the fire hazard that they can be when damaged. The insulation is less of a danger but more of a cost to the homeowner not only in repairs but to the heat and cool that is being released through the uninsulated areas. They also carry disease that can be transmitted to other pests and people. Although most diseases are not commonly spread from a rodent to a person they are still a possibility. More often than spreading disease is they are known to spread bacteria. They can do this by simply walking across a surface that you are then going to come in contact with. The bacteria can cause you to become ill and possibly need the attention of a health care professional.

What Can I Do to Keep Rodents Away?

There are several ways that you can keep rodents out of your home. One way is to take away any food source that will keep them from coming in to look. The majority of the time the rodents are in search of a place to nest, eat or find water. Food is the most critical and they can find a small crumb to be a great meal. Make sure that you never leave food out and clean up any food crumbs off of tables, counters and floors. It is also a great idea to wash off dishes that could have food particles left. You can also be sure to keep any pet food up and sealed especially in the night when rodents seem to be on the prowl. You can also take time to seal up any gaps that would work as access to a rodent. The gap can be fairly small and a mouse can make it in. The best way to ensure rodents are kept out is to have your home treated by a professional pest control company.

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