Why it is Not Ok to Vacuum Up Mouse Droppings in Windsor, CO? How Do You Rodent Proof House?

The house mouse and deer mouse are the two different types of mice that property owners are likely to find in and around their homes and structures in Northern Colorado. They have different colorings, though both types of mice are similarly sized (2.5 – 4 inches long, not including the tail). With light gray on the belly, the house mouse has smooth fur that is usually dusty-gray, brownish-gray, or gray on top. The tail of this mouse is semi-naked and uniformly dark. Ranging from pale gray to deep reddish-brown on top and white underneath, the deer mouse is bi-colored. Your first impulse may be to panic if you have spotted a rodent in your house. To minimize your risk of coming into contact with pathogens, you may be wondering what you can do to get rid of your rodent problem. Today, we at Effective Pest Services would like to share the steps you should take to clean up after your unwanted guests.

How to Clean Mice Urine & Droppings

Make certain to wear safety gloves, as your first task is to get rid of the most obvious, and hazardous, sign of the rodents’ presence. Combine 1 part bleach to 10 parts waters to prepare up a bleach solution and spray it on the rodent urine and droppings. Throw the bag away after you pick up the urine and droppings and put them in a plastic garbage bag. NEVER sweep or vacuum droppings because you risk transmitting vector-borne diseases in the process.

How Do You Disinfect After Mouse Droppings?

The bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants that the rodents may have brought with them as it’s time to get rid of your invisible visitors. To wash any surface that the rodents may have touched, use your bleach solution. With hot water and detergent, wash bed linens, towels, and clothing and on carpets and other floor surfaces, hire a pro to steam clean them. It may be best to dispose of it and replace it if in the event something can’t be cleaned.

Better Rodent Proof House

Further damage and contamination can be caused if the rodents return, so the last step is to ensure your home is properly sealed. To reduce the risk of future infestations, a rodent-proofing professional can seal off every possible entry point to your home. Also, have a pro help you knock out any current infestations and maintain the pest control services with them as well.

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