Can Having Mice in the House Make You Sick in Timnath, CO? A Mouse Infestation is a Health Hazard!

While a little mouse might be cute enough, there isn’t a soul out there that wants them living in their home. Mice in your home can become a big problem very quickly. These little rodents reproduce at such a rapid speed that one or two can become 20 in no time at all. When you have mice living in your home, there are several risks both to you and your house. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about what kind of risks you face when you have a mouse infestation and don’t do anything about it.

What Happens if Your House is Infested with Mice?

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t want mice living in your home. There are many different problems that they can cause. Here are som of the risks to you and your home when you have a mouse infestation.
– Chewed Electrical Wires: Rodents of all shapes and sizes are avid chewers. They will chew on literally anything that they can get their teeth on. It is part of keeping their teeth filed down. If there are any electrical wires exposed in the house anywhere, there is a good chance that they will gnaw on those wires and cause significant damage to them. This puts your home at an increased risk of an electrical fire.
– Damaged Insulation: When mice make their way into your home, they are going to immediately look for a place to start building a nest. They will have no problem using the insulation in your walls and your attic to help them create the perfect place to sleep and have babies. Once they start to tear up your insulation, it will cause your home to be less energy efficient. The insulation in your home plays a big role in your home’s energy efficiency.
– Contamination: Not only will mice build their nests in your home and cause damage in the process, they will also be looking for food to eat. They eat a lot of the same foods that you do and will look in your kitchen for a snack. If mice make contact with your kitchen and the food inside it, all of the food they come in contact with will be contaminated and need to be thrown out.
– Allergies: Rodents in your home create dander and leave droppings around your home that can trigger allergic reactions in anyone living in the home. This is especially prevalent in small children. They may have difficulties breathing that are similar to people that struggle with asthma.

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If you have noticed that you have signs of mice in your home, you can turn to Effective Pest Services to help you get rid of them. We can help you solve your mouse problems so that you and your home aren’t at risk of damage or illness. Call us today!

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