Will Mice Damage My Wellington, CO Home? How Do You Keep Rodents Off Your Property?

First things first: Do mice cause property damage? The answer is a resounding yes! And the longer you wait to address the issue, the larger the infestation can grow (more on that later), and the worse the damage to your home will ultimately become.

Why have Mice Infested My Home?

The mice have chosen your home or buildings on your property to set up shop because it fulfills all of their basic needs (shelter, food, and water) in a way that the outside, natural world never could. There’s plenty of easily accessible food, plenty of places to hide (and therefore plenty of places to nest), and water will be relatively easy to access. Odds are, if you look around your yard and home, you’ll see the things that have attracted the mice to you. Notice anything like standing water; trash or recycling (or compost) bins that could be sealed a little tighter; or even things like bird seed or pet food that you’ve stored in a shed or in the garage? These are huge attractors to mice.

Why is My House Attractive to Mice?

What about the house itself? Any cracks, breeches, or holes in the siding or brick? Are there gaps where utilities enter the house? Mice are so small and so flexible that an opening no larger than a dime is all they need to pass through. They can smell the food inside. They can feel the warmth And, as you already know, once they’ve made their way in, they’re in it for the long haul. Your home is the perfect place to be warm, to be dry, and to be full of food pretty much all of the time, not to mention the many, many spaces that they can hide and nest. The corners of your garage or basement, the crawlspace, the attic, voids in walls, even inside parked cars, lawn mowers, or other appliances! If mice can find a way in, they will. They’re naturally resilient creatures, and, despite their diminutive size, are incredibly strong, in the teeth, that is.

What Kind of Damage Can Mice Do to My Home?

The mouse has incisors — their two front teeth — that are constantly growing. This is one of the reasons that they are constantly gnawing. These teeth essentially grow at a rate of about one new set of incisors per month. Not only are they rapidly growing, but they are so strong that they can chew through wood, drywall, concrete, and even certain types of metal. Mice, in an effort to gather nesting material and manage incisor growth, have been known to shred insulation (which they also ruin by toxifying it with their urine and droppings), damage wood, and even chew on electrical wiring. The latter is especially scary as it could increase the possibility of a house fire. In short, mice leave considerable damage in their wake and must be dealt with quickly and effectively.

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