What Problems Do Mice Cause in Longmont, CO? You Can Get Sick from Mouse Droppings & More

In addition to the property damage that mice are sure to cause you, their droppings and urine are also carriers of disease, including hantavirus, salmonella, and other asthma-related ailments. Effective Pest Services outlines why a mice infestation is so dangerous below.

Can You Get Sick from Old Mouse Droppings?

Cleaning up after a mouse infestation must be dealt with very carefully because it becomes especially toxic when it is airborne. This is not a job for a vacuum and a wet rag. In fact, it is such a risky procedure, that the Centers for Disease Control has created a very specific set of guidelines that anyone cleaning up after an infestation should follow. We can’t recommend this enough. Read the CDC guidelines carefully, and make sure you have all of your protective gear and cleaning materials ready to go before you begin. It will make the job more effective and keep you safe in the process. You’ll be surprised how many surfaces and objects will need to be cleaned. If they’ve made their way into food storage areas, odds are that you’ll need to discard anything that wasn’t in an airtight, impenetrable container. And as you’re cleaning, you might ask yourself, “How many mice were here?” and, odds are, it was more than you might expect.

How Big Was My Mouse Infestation?

While we can’t necessarily say for certain how big of an infestation you had (unless we see it for ourselves), we do know quite a bit about how mice nest and grow their hordes. It only takes a month or two before a mouse reaches their sexual maturity, and once they do become pregnant, it’s only an additional 20 days or so before they give birth. When a mouse does give birth, their litters are, on average, between 10 to 15 pups — and they can give birth as many as 10 times per year! That’s a lot of mice from just one fertile mouse in a very short period of time. Now do you see why we place such an emphasis on contacting professional exterminators right away? Things can get out of hand pretty quickly otherwise.

Can’t I Just Manage the Mouse Extermination Myself?

It’s not impossible for the layperson to manage a mouse infestation, but it’s no easy task. Managing a rodent infestation requires the right combination of experience, bait and equipment, and resilience. Our recommendation to most folks that we work with is to let our professional extermination team assess the infestation, make recommendations for treating the infestation, and then provide you additional recommendations for preventing future infestations from occurring. These preventative recommendations may include certain types of yard cleanup, standing water removal, repairing exterior damage to the home to close off entry points for the pests, as well as recommendations for storing trash, recycling, and compost bins.

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There’s really no question that mice can cause damage to your home. What’s more, they pose serious health concerns to your family as well. The mice extermination professionals at Effective Pest Services are here to help you understand the depth of your infestation and provide recommendations to you that can give you the peace of mind you deserve because you can be certain that your rodent problems will be a thing of the past. That’s our commitment to you. Call us to schedule a pest inspection today!

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