Winterizing Your Home & Yard Against Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants, Rodents & Other Pests in Greeley, CO

As the mornings become crisp with cool fall weather, outside pests and rodents will soon be searching for a way to move into your home to seek out shelter, find food & water, lay eggs and hibernate. One of the most important things you can do to prepare for the cold weather is to winterize your home from annoying pests. Not only will you be keeping bugs and mice out, but you will also be saving money on your energy costs by keeping the cold air out where it belongs.

How Do You Keep Bugs & Pests Out of Your House in the Winter?

Inspect the exterior of your home: Inspect the exterior of your home for any damage including cracks or other openings that unwanted pests can gain access through. Use a protective sealant to caulk and seal any holes or cracks. Apply weather stripping along exterior doors and windows to keep the bugs out and your warm air in.
Store wood away from your property: If you enjoy a wood burning fire and keep firewood on your property, make sure that you stack your wood at least 20 feet away from your residence. The same applies to piles of dead leaves which can be an open invitation to stink bugs and other annoying pests. Avoid bringing wood into your home until you are ready to start a fire. Pests love to nest in wood and if you stack wood inside your home you may inadvertently allow spiders and other pests to enter your home.
Check for areas of moisture: Take a tour through the interior of your home and check for signs of moisture. Pay particular attention to your attic, basement and bathroom areas. Any accumulation of water will attract nuisance pests not to mention the possibility of costing you thousands of dollars in water damage repairs due to an undetected leak.
Collect and remove clutter: Outdoor clutter such as gardening supplies and toys which may have been discarded over the summer can attract harmful pests including spiders, cockroaches and rodents. Collect any clutter than may have accumulated outside the home, especially items that may have been inadvertently stacked close to the perimeter of your property.
Clean out gutters: The accumulation of leaves and moisture make your gutters an ideal home for pests to take up residence. Cleaning out your gutters will not only makes the exterior of your home look better, it will also help prevent water damage and mold and stop bugs from moving in. Performing general maintenance along with an Effective Pest Services comprehensive pest control maintenance plan will ensure that your home is free from winter pest infestations. By taking steps to protect your home, you will also be saving your time and money on future pest control problems.

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