Ant Myths & Facts in Boulder, CO; Does Cinnamon Kill Ants, Do Ants Explode After Eating Grits & More

No matter what topic you are discussing there are likely some things that you have been told that are not true on the subject. Misinformation that is widely spread becomes myths that are believed by many people. The only way to bunk myths is to educate people on the actual truth on the subject. When Effective Pest Services technicians talk to our customers we are frequently surprised to hear the different myths that people believe about insects and rodents. Today, Effective Pest Services wants to talk about some of the myths that are widely spread and believed about ants.

Does Cinnamon Kill Ants?

Many of our customers have been told that cinnamon kills ants. They will try to leave cinnamon out on their floors or counters in an effort to get rid of the ants on their own. The truth on this topic is that ants do not like cinnamon but it does not actually repel or kill them.

Does Vinegar Kill Ants Instantly?

Similar to the myth about cinnamon killing ants, people are frequently told that vinegar will kill any ants found in their home. The smell of vinegar does help confuse the ants. Sometimes this confusion does lead them to eventually find a new place to set up their nest. Other times the ants just avoid the vinegar and stay in your home anyways. Vinegar does not kill ants though.

Does Heat from Boiling Water Kill Ants?

Many people believe that if you pour boiling water into an anthill that it will kill all of the ants in the colony and get rid of your any problem. The boiling water will indeed kill the ants that are exposed at the top of the anthill. It will also kill more ants as it travels down the tunnels in the nest. The tunnels in ant colonies are so intricate that most of the time the water will not even reach the entire nest. In addition to that the water will cool as it goes through the tunnels and is not frequently effective by the time it reaches the Queen.

Do Ants Explode After Eating Grits?

People have said for years that if you leave out grits and oatmeal for the ants in your home that the food will expand in the ant’s stomach and make them explode. The logic behind this one seems like it could be possible so many people will try it. You should definitely just save your food for your family though because it does not work.

Will Ants Cross a Chalk Line?

There are tons of articles online telling you to stop ants from entering your home by drawing a chalk line by the point of entry. This could indeed throw off their scent but it will not prevent them from entering your home. If the chalk throws them off they will just find another way into your home.

If You Can’t See Ants, Does it Mean You Don’t have Any?

This one is absolutely false! Though it would make sense that if you cannot see something then it isn’t there this does not apply to ants. Ants live in places that you cannot see them on a regular basis. Just because you got rid of the ants that you could see does not mean that you do not have ants on your property or in your home.

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