What Season are Pests Most Active in Arrowhead, CO? How to Get Rid of Summer Bugs in Your House & Yard

Summer is the best time of the year for family gatherings, cook outs and spending time outdoors hiking, boating, swimming and participating in all manner of outdoor activities with friends and family. Other than the heat, you may have already noticed an increase in pests especially ants, cockroaches, stinging insects and perhaps even spiders. According to the knowledgeable experts at Effective Pest Services, there are several reasons for increased pest activity during the summer season.

Why are Insects More Active in Summer?

1. Temperature: When you think about it, it really does make sense that the rising temperatures we experience during the summer months have a lot to do with increased pest activity. As the temperatures soar, pests actively search for relief from the heat which often means making their way into our homes and businesses looking for a cool place to settle and a convenient water and food source.
2. Pests Need Moisture: All creatures rely on water to survive and pests in particular thrive in moist areas. The heat of summer provides the perfect foil for increased humidly which in turn creates the perfect environment for pest activity. If you live in an area that experiences periods of drought you will begin to notice increased pest activity inside as pests search for a way to get in looking for a nice damp area to seek shelter to survive.
3. Food Pests Eat: If you like to work in the yard you are probably well aware of how quickly the grass grows during the summer months. Grass and plants provide the necessary nutrients for many species of insects. Unfortunately this leads to an increase in the number of annoying pests devouring a readily available and ongoing food source while wreaking havoc on your cook outs and outdoor gatherings.
4. Pest Life Cycle: Many species of pests are cold-blooded which means weather plays an important role in their activity during particular stages of their life cycle. Ants for example will increase the size of their colonies during the summer to ensure the survival of the colony during the cold months of winter when they lay dormant until the following spring.
5. Daylight: The lazy days of summer are longer while the nights are shorter. More daylight gives pests more opportunities to forage to find a meal. As we spend more time outside enjoying the warm weather we are often exposed to pests that are not only annoying they can also inflict painful bites and stings, and in some cases spread disease.

What is the Best Way to Prevent Pest Infestation?

• Keep your gutters free of leaves and other debris which can provide a moist breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests
• Keep shrubs and trees close to the building trimmed and if possible create a 2 foot barrier away from your foundation that is free of plants and shrubs.
• Inspect the outside of your home for cracks in the walls, and any breaches around the doors or windows. Seal with a weather resistant sealant and use caulk to seal any cracks around plumbing. Apply weather stripping around doors and windows to keep pests out.
• Make sure your trash cans have a tight fitting lid and keep them clean and sanitized.

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