How Do You Identify a Stinging Insect in Timnath, CO? Is it a Honey Bee, Paper Wasp, Bald-Faced Hornet or Other?

Stinging insects can ruin any outdoor gathering in a matter of minutes. Some pose more risk than others, but with all stinging insects including bees, wasps and hornets, there is a risk of stinging. The professional pest control team at Effective Pest Services have undergone vigorous pest control training that includes treatment and removal of stinging pests. We will ensure you can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying if a stinging pest will invade your time outdoors.

What Kind of Bees are there in Colorado?

There are several bees that are frequently found in the state of Colorado. Those include honeybees, carpenter bees, bumblebees, leafcutter bees, sweat bees, mason bees and more. It’s no secret that honey bees play a key role in our environment and controlling them should be left to the professionals at Effective Pest Services to ensure they aren’t harmed in the removal process. However, carpenter bees, pose a risk of property damage as they bore into wooden structures and furniture, and should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid said damage. Bumblebees are rather docile and will generally mind their own business unless they feel they are threatened.

How Many Wasp Species are there in Colorado?

There are about two dozen species of wasp found in Colorado. Mud daubers, paper wasps and velvet ants are all wasps you may see flying around in your yard. The wasp population is a key part of insect control in Colorado. They feed off of protein and are also attracted to sugar. During the beginning of the summer season, they don’t pose the same risk that they do at the end when the insect population isn’t as strong. They will then start looking to your outdoor gatherings for their next meal and pose a larger threat to you and your loved ones. Their stings are very painful and they are able to sting more than one time, making them especially threatening. You can find their nests hiding in the pipes of picnic tables, on playground equipment and hidden under decks among other places.

Hornets that Live in Colorado

The bald-faced hornet and European hornets are the most commonly found hornets in the area. They both contribute to a natural type of insect control since they also feed off of other insects. Bald-faced hornets don’t usually build their nests near structures, but will build paper-like nests in trees and shrubs. European hornets however, will build their nests around structures and populated areas. Both of these hornets will not sting unless they feel their nests is threatened, but they can sting repeatedly and you should be cautious when either of these hornets are spotted.

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Because of the threat that stinging insects pose, it is important that you don’t deal with removal on your own. Effective Pest Services is fully licensed and insured and all of our technicians have received the training needed to deal with the removal of stinging pests safely. If you notice any stinging pests on your property or their nests, call us to assist you in removal services.

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