How Do You NOT Treat a Severe Mouse Infestation in Boulder, CO? Essential Oils & Ultrasonic Repellers

You want to make sure you do what you can to keep pests out of your home. There are many pests that can get in the house and cause trouble. It can be damage to the home or it can be disease that is spreadable. You may try to find a way to treat these unwanted pests with the help of online research. Although there are some tips that can be convenient and others that might even work well, there are lots that won’t do you any good. When it comes to dealing with mice you want to make sure that you don’t take an infestation lightly. They have been known to carry disease that can be damaging to your family. They also are a pest that creates a mess where ever they tend to go. Mice can chew through wood, food, wires and more creating dangers in your home. There are some tips that you might get to keep mice out of your home that will not work and can be a waste. This creates the time that the mice need to really take a hold of your home. It is best to always use a professional and understand why some tips are not that great of an idea. Effective Pest Services outlines what advice to avoid when dealing with mice infestations.

Do Essential Oils Repel Mice?

One of the tips you might find online is that you can use essential or natural oils to get rid of mice. There are tips that say you can use peppermint oil soaked on cotton balls and place around the house. Some people believe that this is enough that the mice will flee your home and leave you alone. Although there are odors that are not loved by mice, once you have a problem with mice in your house it is not enough. The peppermint oil is more of a way to prevent certain types of pests from getting in the house in the first place. The oil and the smell is not enough that they will be driven out. If you use this as your sole source of control you will quickly realize that it is not enough and they will continue to wreak havoc.

Mice Can Outsmart DIY Snap Traps

One of the most common things that people will use to try and get rid of mice is with the use of snap traps. The snap traps can be used in areas that you know that mice will be moving around and often catch them. The problem is that if you are a novice you may not know the best way to use the trap and how to bait it. This can lead to a mouse that is being trapped and has to be left to suffer. The best thing you can do is if traps are needed to use a professional to set and care for them.

Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Really Work on Mice?

Another tip that some people use is to purchase a machine that creates a sound that is unbearable for mice. They will want to leave the area and find a place that is more enjoyable. The great thing is that the mice will leave but will come back. The sound is something that they can get used to and then they will come right back. This is a fix that is short lived and the infestation is sure to come back.

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