Do Mice Carry Fleas in Severance, CO? How to Protect Your Home from a Mouse Infestation

Having wild mice in your home or on your property is never a good thing to have. Not only can they carry diseases they can carry different types of bugs such as fleas. If you have a mouse problem and those mice are carrying fleas then you are also going to have a flea problem. Effective Pest Services talks about a few things why mice and fleas are not a good combination to have in your home and property.

Can Fleas Come In on Mice?

Fleas can get on mice just as easily as they can get on your pets. They can hide on your lawn or on your property or someone else’s property looking for some type of animal that they can get on and start to enjoy their next meal of blood. If you have mice that are in or around your property it is very easy for a flea to be on that mouse. If you have unwanted mice and they have fleas, then eventually those fleas will decide to jump off that mouse. When that flea does it will end up on your carpet, furniture, your pets, and other places around your house. You will want to stop this problem before it gets out of hand because if it gets worse when the female fleas will start laying eggs. You do not want either of these problems in your home.

How to Protect Your Home from Mice & Fleas

The great thing is that you can protect your home from mice and the fleas that can be brought in on them. Here are some tips that you should try.
-Seal up any cracks that you may have in your home. Mice will see any crack and try to get inside. Baby mice can get into a hole that is the size of a pen. So no matter how small the hole is seal it up.
-Try to keep your home clean and tidy. Mice love warmth and food and if you have a home that has food that has been left out or improperly stored food then a mouse will find it and enjoy a meal.
-Make sure you are storing things properly. The mice can live in wood piles or boxes laying around. Store things properly so they do not find a cozy place to stay.
– Make sure you know how to identify if you have an infestation. Check around and see if there are any feces. This can be a good sign to help you know if you have mice. You may also hear them scurrying or see gnaw marks in places. And of course, if you all of a sudden start getting a lot of fleas that is a big sign that you have mice.

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Having mice is not something you want to mess with or think will just go away. If you suspect you have mice, call Effective Pest Services and have us come check out your property and see if you have an infestation and the best way to get rid of it!

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