How Do I Know what Kind of Mice I Have in Johnstown, CO? Jumping, Harvest Mouse or Other

All across the globe, mice are a small variety of rodent that can be found. All of which can be grouped into five distinct varieties, there are 23 different species of mice that live in Colorado. These critters are so abundant that it is very common for homes and businesses alike in Colorado to experience a mice infestation at some point. Today, we at Effective Pest Services would like to discuss the basics of the common mice located throughout Colorado.

Western & Meadow Jumping Mice

In Colorado, there are two species of jumping mice: the western jumping mouse and the meadow jumping mouse. A subspecies of the meadow jumping mouse that’s protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, makes its home, the state is one of the few places that that the endangered Preble’s meadow jumping mouse as well. Including a 5-inch tail, both species weigh around an ounce and measure roughly 10 inches. Close to the Rocky Mountains, the meadow jumping mouse lives in the great plains.

Plains & Western Harvest Mice

In Colorado, there are two species of harvest mice reside that include the western harvest mouse and the plains harvest mouse. The western harvest mouse measuring roughly 6 inches and the plains harvest mouse roughly 5 inches, including the tail, though both species are small and brown. As the western mice inhabit a wider range of habitats, including woodlands and shrub-filled grasslands, the plains harvest mice only live in open grasslands.

Great Basin & Other Pocket Mice

Colorado is the home of five species of pocket mice, which are the plains pocket mouse, the Great Basin pocket mouse, the pocket mouse, the hispid pocket mouse, and the olive-backed pocket mouse. Being capable of moving just on their hind legs, which they do when they’re feeding, they are actually smaller relatives of kangaroo rats. The smallest, weighing in at 1/5 ounce and measuring 4 inches are silky pocket mice. The largest, weighing roughly 2 ounces and measuring 8 inches in length are hispid pocket mice.

White-Footed Mice

The pinyon mouse, brush mouse, rock mouse, and canyon mouse are among the white-footed mice that make Colorado their home. They are between 6 and 8 inches in length, on average, including their tails, as these species vary in size. Excluding only the very wettest places, one species or another can be found almost anywhere in the state. They’re found in a range of different habitats, including woodlands, canyons and brush land, depending on the species.

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The mice likely to invade your Loveland, CO home are the house mice and deer mice. When you have a problem with a mouse infestation, you need the experts of Effective Pest Services to help you efficiently remove the infestation since rodents are challenging to remove.

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