What Attracts Pests to Your Home in Evans, CO? Trash Bags or Cans, White Lights, Dog or Cat Pet Food & More

Have you ever wondered why you have pests in your home? Maybe you are a clean person that keeps their home picked up. Even if you live in a messy house, this is not the only thing that attracts unwanted pests. There are several things that you might be doing on a regular basis that is attracting them. There are certain foods, smells and areas that attract particular pests that may be a nuisance to you. Staying on top of your pest control services is a great way to keep these unwanted pests out but you can do more. Staying away from activities that are sure to bring these pests around in the first place is a great idea. Effective Pest Services outlines some of the ways you could be attracting pests to your home and property.

Do Insects Get Attracted to Lights?

We obviously need lights to get through the evening in our homes but this could be a huge draw for pests. When you turn on your lights on the front porch you may start to see several types of pests flying around the light. If you turn off the light you might have the perfect storm for other types of pests to hide. The lights are attractive to pests and this is a problem when you have your doors or windows open and lights on inside. This will lead to pests flying toward the light and right into your house. If you want to avoid pests flying toward the light you can go with a different color of light. Stay away from white lights and try for a yellow colored lighter a yellow LED light which tend to attract less bugs and insects.

Pests are Attracted to Trash Bags & Cans

One area that is known to attract pests such as cockroaches and flies is the garbage. The garbage that you are throwing out often contains remnants of food particles that are a great source for lots of pests. If you leave the trash in the house the pests will often find a way in. When the garbage is bagged up and left in the garage until trash day you are increasing the humidity as well as the heat and that is a great place for other pests to live and grow. You may start to see flies and maggots in the trash. If you leave the trash outside you are leaving it out for rodents and pests to come up and enjoy a meal. No matter where you keep the trash make sure that that bin is closed tight and the bags are tied shut.

Dog & Cat Pet Food Attracts Pests

When you wake up in the morning you do your normal routine. That most likely includes feeding your dog or cat. The food is put in a bowl on the floor and left out for the day for them to eat at their leisure. This is a huge way that people end up with pests indoors. Pet food is a perfect meal for a pest too! Not to mention the food is right at their level and the smell is so inviting. It is a better idea to leave the food out for a short amount of time and pick it up. There will be less chance that pests will invade your home.

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