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What Problems Do Mice Cause in Longmont, CO? You Can Get Sick from Mouse Droppings & More

In addition to the property damage that mice are sure to cause you, their droppings and urine are also carriers of disease, including hantavirus, salmonella, and other asthma-related ailments. Effective Pest Services outlines why a mice infestation is so dangerous below. Can You Get Sick from Old Mouse Droppings? Cleaning up after a mouse infestation…

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Where Do Norway Rats Go During Winter in Greeley, CO? How to Stop Rodents from Nesting in Your Home!

There are many pests that roam across the Colorado borders, and rodents are no exception. House mice, Norway rats, woodrats, voles and gophers are among the most common in the area. Rodents inside homes and businesses can be detrimental to your health and rein destruction where it will cost you significantly over long-term infestations. Rodents…

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How to Identify Rodent Species in Estes Park, CO; How to Tell if It’s a Deer or House Mouse, or Norway Rat

Nearly every corner of the world has rodents to contend with. Rats and mice, the more common rodents, are highly likely to be carrying at least one form of disease or ailments and their destruction can cost homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars in repair. Though rodents will invade if the opportunity arises all year…

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