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Does Cold Weather Kill Carpenter Ant Infestations in Longmont, CO? How to Stop Ants from Coming in Your House

Those large black ants that you have seen walking around your house are more dangerous than you think. Carpenter ants are wood destroying insects that can cause damage to your home that could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Effective Pest Services is here to talk about signs that you have a carpenter ant…

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Why are Stinging Insects So Active in Wellington, CO? Do Paper Wasps Get More Aggressive in the Fall?

Wasps are a notorious flying insect that delivers repeated stings to perceived threats. They can quickly clear out a picnic or BBQ as they come to pilfer the meats and sweets that are around. Where most people can easily recognize a wasp, they are many different species that though similar, they still have their own…

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How Do You Get Rid of Bald Faced Hornets in Arrowhead, CO; Where Do these Stinging Insects Nest & More

Bald-faced hornets are one of the most common hornet species in Colorado. These hornets are potentially dangerous, especially as the colony continues to grow. Due to their probable threat, we at Effective Pest Services would like to share some of the basics concerning bald-faced hornets to help you better avoid them. Bald Faced Hornet Identification…

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Should I Destroy a Yellow Jacket Nest in Loveland, CO? Never DIY Wasp Control. Call a Professional Pest Company!

Yellow jacket wasps is one of the most aggressive species found in America and in the state of Colorado. Yellow jacket wasps are not like honey bees that sting once sacrificing themselves to defend their nest. Yellow jacket wasps do not die after stinging an intruder. Rather they are able to safely sting an intruder…

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